Wanna have your own photoshoot?

Your own photoshoot?

Wanna have your own photoshoot? I am in a constant lookout for fresh Ideas and new concepts. I have also ongoing Projects which I would like to finish.

If you are interested to work with me, and you are willing to collaborate via x-deal (time-for-prints) photo shoots, please let me know.

I am looking mostly for MUAs, Stylists and female models either from Manila, Philippines or Copenhagen, Denmark.

Here’s for me to notice you:

  1. Follow my Instagram Account (@crazyforsushi) and like my Facebook Page (The Mugshot Studio). Check out my portfolio and see if you like what we do. If it’s a good fit and you want to collaborate with us, do number 2.
  2. Recommend at least 5 other friends to like my accounts. I need a bigger fan base. The wider our audience, the more chances of you being discovered by other photographers and/or people who might be able to help you out along the way; Then,
  3. Send us a message. see my Contact page, or better yet, send me a DM on my Instagram account to reach me! 🙂

Give me time to sort things out. If I find that we would be a good fit to working with each other, I’ll get back to you and schedule a shoot 🙂

Thanks in advance.

Reach out.


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