Ticzon, Ladia & Cruz’s: The Black Project

Rating: 3/4 out of 5 (varies due to models)

Happy to attend the which allowed me to be with my photo buddies from the Some Like It Hot Workshop. It is a re-hash of both the Some Like It Hot Workshop and also the Portraits Workshop which focused on several aspects: Model rapport, posing and photo post editing techniques.

Main issue I had with this is that I didn’t like some of the models. Otherwise, this is amazing! 🙂

Thank you Sir Paul, Sir Ricky and Sir Parc for sharing your knowledge to us. Hats off to Hundred and One Events and Exhibits for organizing these wonderful ! 🙂

Here are my money shots for each of the :

2013: Jeni Mari — see more in my Portfolio section here.

2014: Cindy Kerr — See more in my Portfolio section here.

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