Robert Rivera

Shots for Bravo Filipino Magazine

I had the pleasure of taking the portraits of RPN9’s current president, Robert Rivera… Still one of my best shoots so far.

Here’s an excerpt from an article done on him, “The Comeback Kid” by K. Antonio:

“Before I became president, it was public knowledge that RPN was suffering deep financial losses,” said Robert when he remembered the first months of taking over the network. The man knew that when he took the rails of RPN, he needed to give all he has got to help the company recover from its worst shape ever.

Rivera’s initial plan of action was taking on the problem head on, right in the grassroots where the company needed the most guidance and rehabilitation. Without wasting any time, he spent the first three months of his presidency travelling across the RPN radio and TV stations in different provinces so he could bring the areas back in good shape. Robert made sure that no stone was left unturned when he entered every station; and the result could not be more successful — twelve regional stations’ transmitters gained stronger competitive signals with the help of better equipment and well-compensated and re-evaluated employees.

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