Jun Valenton

Shots for Bravo Filipino Magazine

An excerpt from the article on Jun Valenton: On the True Meaning of Success by Hannah Jo Uy.

He is the epitome of success, a particular brand that is not the result of fleeting financial accomplishments. No, the success of Jun Valenton runs much deeper and rings much truer. It is one that is reserved for those who have fulfilled the priceless longings of one’s existence.


“My belief is that our purpose for being here is to be happy,” shares Jun, “So no matter what level of financial status you reach, if you have lived a happy life, lived responsibly, and have lived a life of dignity, then you will die a happy man. If you have the special admiration of your peers and your family, if you have attained attained happiness, then you are successful. Happiness, I think, is to livea well rounded life. You have to be successful not only in your career, but to reach financial independence and status enough to enjoy the other whims in life.”

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