Parc Cruz’s Portraits Workshop

Rating: 5 out of 5

I recently attended Parc Cruz’s Portraits … Amazing! It’s always good learning something new! 🙂

It was a very rainy 2-day event, but nonetheless, my fellow participants’ mood was never darkened one bit. I can now say I can shoot and post-process at acceptable levels 😀  Very happy how I got to know how to use my camera. It’s really funny that sometime people just buy things without reading the manual.

Thanks to the Studio54 organizers and Sir Parc for bringing it on!

This newbie is happy 🙂

Here are a few of my outputs for this :

This African model is the stunning Uzo Israel-Bolarinwa.

Uzo Israel-Bolarinwa

You can check my other pic at the portfolio section here.

The equally captivating Miss Maggie Magno:

Maggie Magno
And, my surprise model, Manong Custodian:
Parc Cruz's Portraits
He was watching the shoot and was very kind enough to pose 😛
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