Lito Sy & Keda Z – Impart 2 Workshop

Rating: 0 out of 5

I would have never thought of experiencing the worst that I have had in photography. Considering that this was the most costly that I have had — fee was around PHP12,500.

Aside from the poor facilitation of the , there was no assistance whatsoever for people who had minimal knowledge on photography. I for one was forced to configure my D7000 camera (by one of the assistants) to the expectation of shooting with a full-frame camera that could handle low light properly. In short, all of my pictures had noise and almost all rendered useless.

I have never gotten to post a picture of this ’til now.

Although star-studded, with Lito Sy and Keda Z, both of which are highly respected in the business, top it off with Fanny Serrano and the reigning Bb. Pilipinas contestants at that time, it did not impress me.

All flair, without the necessary meat as I would have expected with some of the I have attended.

The final icing on the cake was I only got my certificate a week after the . Only reason why I got it was I personally messaged Lito Sy that I have not received it during the and was not being assisted by his assistant after I had asked if I could be provided one like all of the other participants who had them during.

I guess this was for an advanced class? Still though. You would expect to get your money’s worth.

Only had 2 shots out of this expensive event. Both of which are not at par with my very low satisfaction level of output at that time:


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