B&A: My Very First Magazine Shoot!

It has irked me for quite a while that one of the leaders who posed looked very awkward in the final picture. Also wasn’t able to get the lamp post!

Wanted to try and fix it. Here’s what I came up with.

What do you think?

What I did for the following was — sorry I’m a bit lazy with pictures:

  1. Looked for a similar image (same series) with more background as opposed to the original
  2. Looked for a pose of the girl on the right that suited my taste. Also looked for a complete shot of the lamp post
  3. Superimposed all images into one file using the Auto Align Layers function in PS
  4. Extracted the girl and lamp post from the original images and blurred each for a few pixels (to taste); This will ensure that the image will blend with the background of the image we will be pasting it on
  5. Combine all images into one layer, and blur again (to taste)

See the full set of the images here.

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